COLLECTIVE BARGAIN, a project of ART&COM and collaborators Tracy Collins and Toya Mileno, with special guests.

Mobile, with stops between Fifth and Eighth Avenues in an ellipse on the north and south sides of 14th street.

Detailed schedule is live! Updates are posted here: COLLECTIVE BARGAIN SCHEDULE

Oct 13 – 3-8PM ; Oct 14 & 15, 12-8PM

COLLECTIVE BARGAIN is a participatory mobile installation-performance-intervention by ART&COM & collaborators displaying information, media, talks, actions and ephemera related to collective gathering, healing, and the power of union in today’s social and political environment. During AiOP, it will move along 14th Street in Manhattan to places of historical significance, for collective actions with special guests.

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ART&COM (Thiago Szmrecsányi & Natalia de Campos), is a performance-installation-exhibition and a platform for social interaction and interventions that displays works created with materials and stories collected locally. Shown in JAMAICA FLUX 2016, Emma Thomas Gallery, NYC, and in Epicentro Jardins: Emma Thomas in São Paulo, Brazil. COLLECTIVE BARGAIN includes Tracy Collins, media artist, and Toya Mileno, hacktivist, and special guests.

Part of Art in Odd Places 2017: SENSE curated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful with Rocío Aranda-Alvarado (El Museo del Barrio) and Jodi Waynberg (Artists Alliance Inc)


With support from Syncretic Pleasures.

Thiago Szmrecsányi

Natalia de Campos

Tracy Collins

Toya Mileno is a hack and media activist since the late 90’s. She uses media and technology as organizing tools to empower the people’s struggle.


Friday, Oct 13, 4-6PM : Akiko Ichikawa with Limited, Limited Edition (14th Street, 2017)  (starts in front of  NYC Human Resources administration: 12 West 14th street, south side, and moves West)

A roving gifting performance in which the artist gives away at low cost custom t-shirts with labor-friendly messages in Japanese on the street at several locations on 14th Street.

Friday, Oct 13, 6-8PM: John Bonafede with Performance Artists Local One Million (in front of 234 West 14th street @8th Avenue, south side)

A conceptual art project aims to bring awareness and fairness to this genre of contemporary art that it needs. Artists working in the medium have no industry standard wages, very rarely any physical protection from audience members who interact with the performer (and vice versa) and there are rarely controls over unauthorized documentation, reproduction and distribution of the artists’ material. There is not one answer or regulation that fits the tastes of all artists in the genre but the conversation about these issues with any venue is where the P.A.U. intends to help start.

Speakers: (More to be Confirmed soon)

Saturday Oct 14, at 6PM ( in front of Waverly Job Center, NYC Human Resources administration: 12 West 14th street, south side) :

Gammy  (instagram: @gammykillz ) will speak with Toya Mileno & Natalia de Campos on the work that goes behind the scenes (and in front!) of organizing, creating visual content, and what motivates her to join efforts on behalf of workers.

Sunday Oct 15, at 5:30PM ( in front of the Namaste Book Shop: 2 West 14th street @5th Avenue, south side):

Jane Dowd Osteroom (Namaste Book Club) will lead a guided meditation and visualization session to calm the self within and prepare us for our final gathering and bargaining session during Art in Odd Places: SENSE 2017.




About our guests:

Akiko Ichikawa is an interdisciplinary Japanese American visual artist. Her work is concept-based and has encompassed performance, video, sculpture, writing, and Net art. In her performative work, she seeks to foreground a moment of understanding within the city’s fluid heterogeneity anchored in her experience translating between two strikingly contrasting cultures—American and Japanese.  She is interested in openings in communication, connection, and feeding grounded transculturalisms.

Born in Sagamihara, Japan, she was raised in the Boston suburbs and in Nashville. She attended Brown University then Hunter College, CUNY, for her MFA. She has exhibited her work at Andrew Kreps gallery, Midway Art in St. Paul, and in the Hague and Berlin. She has presented her performance work at Performa and the Spring/Break Art Show, Jamaica Flux (Jamaica, Queens), the Incheon Women Artists Biennale (Incheon, South Korea), Socrates Sculpture Park, Newark’s Aljira contemporary art center, Philadelphia’s Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia, and in Washington D.C.

John Bonafede (P.A.U.) lives and works in NYC. He studied painting at Syracuse University, School of Visual Arts (NYC), LLOTJA (Barcelona) and Tibet House (NYC). From his painting background Bonafede incorporates formal compositional elements into his performance art practice. His work also includes a unique form of street printmaking called chemography. Having studied for years with a Tibetan master Tangkha painter, he helped start a non-profit organization helping nomadic poor children in East Tibet (, which continually influences his work.  John co-founded, produced and performed in monthly variety shows in a Midtown Manhattan loft for ten years (, bringing his performance art to the fore. He enjoys performing in alternative art spaces as well as established institutions such as MoMA, (performing for three months in Marina Abramovic: Artist Is Present) and Alvin Ailey Theater.  Bonafede’s performance art ranges from socio-political commentary to testing the physical limits of his body.  The performances often challenge accepted formal notions of line, forms or painting and sculptural mediums. Video documentation is taken as an additional art medium for his performances to be viewed in. His career as a Production Designer and Art Director bear direct influence on his videos. His storyboards are those of a draftsman with years of experience writing and illustrating graphic novels. Designing sets and costumes is part of his process too. Durational and installation-oriented performances often appear, reflecting his love for special design.

@gammykillz (instagram) is an artist, socialist and retail worker. Gammy’s art has been part of Breaking the Chains feminist magazine and many flyers used by union organizers, anti-war activists, LGBTQ rights and many other struggles.

Patrick Grant is a composer, performer, and producer living and working in New York City. His works are a synthesis of classical, popular, and world musical styles that have found place in concert halls, film, theater, dance, and visual media over three continents. More at