ART &COM Work Displays History was originally a performance-installation-exhibition with mixed stories and interactions, created by Thiago Szmrecsanyi and Natalia de Campos/Syncretic Pleasures, to evolve with contributions by vendors of the Jamaica Colosseum Mall in Queens, New York.  It was part of JAMAICA FLUX: Workspaces and Windows 2016, curated by Heng-Gil Han and Kalia Brooks.

It had its RE-LOCATION to  Emma Thomas Gallery in the Lower East Side in November 2016, where the artists related their experiences and work produced in Jamaica, with the experience and 20 years working in the Lower East Side.

RE-LOCAÇÃO: ART&COM was installed in São Paulo, Brazil in April 2017. The artists bundled the two experiences, packed what they could in two suitcases, and re-organized it in the context of Jardins, São Paulo- an upper class neighborhood with different preoccupations, in the midst of the political crisis of Brazil, in which the upper class enacted an impeachment of the leftist president Dilma Rousseff.  The work then incorporated a critique of the social environment, and a component of political posters from the USA, generously loaned to the artists by Toya Mileno. The new composition was called #resistance.

ART&COM is a platform for social interaction and interventions that displays works created with materials and stories collected locally, and it has displayed work by its creators.

In Art in Odd Places 2017, a festival of art, performance and ideas, curated by Nicolás Dumit Esteves Raful, Jodi Waynberg and Rocio Alvarado, ART&COM will bring COLLECTIVE BARGAIN to 14th street of Manhattan, and it will count with two more collaborators: Tracy Collins, a media artist, and Toya Mileno, a hacktivist, and participation by some organizations on 14th street of Manhattan. More info about the artists and partnerships will  be available here soon.